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A coach, trainer, and business mentor determined to help you see yourself, speak your truth, and claim the life you have always wanted.



I'm excited for you to get to know me. 

I Wanted To Stop Hiding, Start Living &  Just Be Me...

I recorded a short video series that will explain to you with complete honesty why I needed to do this. I hope that in sharing my story you will gain some personal insights.  

Hey Love,


I wasn’t always so relaxed and comfortable in my own skin. 

For a long time, actually, I was very rigid. I wanted to control everything and make myself perfect for the world.


My primary concern was "doing the right thing," going to the best schools, acquiring degrees & certifications, and busying myself with things that would make me seem more accomplished. 


I thought to myself the more I learn, the more worthy I am. 


Yeah, it all seemed perfect. But really, I was tired of making myself up, smiling through the pain, and putting on a happy face when all I wanted to do was check out.  


​I was sick of performing, pretending, and trying to be perfect all of the time. 

Maya Wants To Meet You

So as scary as it was, I decided to STOP hiding. START living. And to just BE.


I chose to be honest about who I am. To stop putting on the mask, or dress, and pretend like I am perfect and everything is all right. 


To say “THIS IS ME” -- take it or leave it. To have an opinion and voice it. To have an idea and make it come true. To own that I am enough and claim what is mine. To be fiercely courageous and go after what I want.  

This is what the Pajama Coach is - it is me claiming myself and encouraging others to do the same.


Sometimes it means starting a business or exiting an existing one. Sometimes it is about trying on a relationship or leaving one. Sometimes it is about going on the journey to “find yourself: only to realize that you have been there all along. You just have forgotten how powerful you are.


This is about putting your foot down. Taking a stand. Being ALL of you and saying "Screw it, watch what I can do with my Pajama’s on."


Stop Hiding. Start Living. Be You.





The Values That Drive Me Now

In the Moment

It is only when I am living in the past or future that I am in any sort of pain. Being is one of my values because it is all about the present moment.


It is about being aware of what is true in every single instance. And remembering that what happened last minute and what is happening in this minute are two very different experiences.


"Being" reminds me to be ME. It tells me that it is okay to show up as I am. To speak my mind and share my truths.


It is through being that I am able to make powerful decisions that are grounded in fierce courage versus anxious fear. 


Loving The Unknown 

This is a fun value for me because I am a control freak. I mean it. I like knowing what is happening at all times. I like predicting, anticipating, and forecasting what is to come.


Lost helps me overcome the need to know. It is about going with the flow and really allowing things to be as they are.


It is about embracing variety and having fun with the unknown. It is about getting curious and getting lost on this wild ride!  


It is through lost that I allow myself to try experiences that are wacky, new, and out of the box. Because of this value I can let go of the attachment of knowing how anything will turn out.


I'm Believing Again

I have a good friend who says to me that coincidences don’t exist — it's magic — and you know what, I believe him!


I believe that everything that happens for us is on purpose. It's not always what we want, but it definitely serves. 


Life is so much fun when you are on the lookout for magic. I love this childlike quality because it really allows me to tap into the little girl in me and just be.


Magic allows me to trust and believe in something that is bigger than myself. Through this value I gain faith.

It's the Simple Things

My daughter Maya is Wonder. I remember thinking when she was born how miraculous to have had this baby inside of me for 9 months and finally be able to hold her in my arms.


The entire first year of her life was full of so much wonder. Hearing her first words. Feeling her first embrace. Watching her learn to crawl and later walk-- it was just amazing.


Something so simple was so amazing.  I watched her for hours rock back and forth before she could push off and crawl. I witnessed her determination, strength, resilience in this one act. 


It’s the simple things that bring up the essence of wonder for me. Through this value I am reminded of what is really important and because of it I can appreciate everything that is. 

My 12 Month Video Journal

Honest, raw and a little bit juicy...

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